The Day Hollywood Came To Robin Hoods Bay

The Day Hollywood Came To Robin Hoods Bay

Its not every day you get to rub shoulders with an Oscar winning movie star....but we did! When Daniel Day Lewis came to the Victoria Hotel to shoot his latest movie Phantom Thread we could hardly contain our excitement, being in the presence of Hollywood royalty was quite an experience for us all.

Not only did we watch the scenes being played out in front of us but some of our staff were actually cast as extras.....can you imagine?

Megan & Amy had a very important part to play in the Restaurant where Daniel first meets his muse Alma (Vicky Krieps) who incidentally stayed in our four poster bedroom throughout the filming.

The hotel was chosen for it's unique and beautiful setting as well as some of our original features although that didn't stop Director Paul Thomas Anderson changing our windows to single glazing, taking radiators off the walls, changing the lights and switches as well as many other finer details.

Hair and Makeup for Megan & Amy  

Megan & Amy getting their final touches before going on set 

Ready for the opening sequence 

Feeling quite nervous before the cameras start rolling

The man himself looking quite at home in our Sea View Restaurant 

The Man himself looking quite at home in our Sea View Restaurant

Vicky Krieps

Daniel's leading lady Vicky Krieps stayed in our four poster room for the duration of the filming in North Yorkshire 

Sea View Restaurant

Our Sea View Restaurant had a full make over including wallpaper, lighting, tables and chairs and they even changed the windows to single glazing - happy to say they put the double glazing back in when they finished!



This is certainly something we will remember for a very long time